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 I. Hennig Tenders is the leading independent international diamond tender operator. With tender facilities around the globe we host multiple monthly diamond tenders in multiple geographic markets. Being part of the I. Hennig & Co. group we are able to provide clients with a suite of value added services enabling the facilitation of a one-stop shop service for all diamond sales, marketing and related services.


I. Hennig & Co.

Founded in 1890, I. Hennig & Co. Ltd is the world’s oldest and largest international diamond broking and consulting group. We operate offices and facilities in 8 Diamond centres across 4 continents. Hennig represents the largest group of DTC Sightholders in their dealings with the DTC, the principal rough diamond distribution arm of De Beers Group. Active since 1890, they are trusted and respected by the diamond and related industries the world over.

I. Hennig has the ability to offer turnkey projects which include diamond valuing, assorting, tendering, and client selection.

For more information, visit www.ihennig.com.


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