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Hennig Diamond Tenders

I. Hennig & Co., is a leading specialist in operating international diamond tenders. We hold regular diamond tenders for outside rough, polished, melee closeouts, fancy colour and special diamonds.

I. Hennig has the ability to offer turnkey projects which include diamond valuing, sorting, tendering, and client selection. Our global reach allows diamond and jewellery buyers from all locations to access to these goods in a single tender, in a secure and discreet environment in I. Hennig & Co’s offices.

We operate regular rough and polished diamond tenders in all major international diamond centres, including but not limited to New York, Antwerp, Ramat Gan, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Dubai, enabling us to offer our clients direct access to diamond manufacturers and traders across the globe. All our offices are secure, safe and comfortable for our buyers, with all the facilities necessary to conduct our tenders, trading and brokering discreetly and successfully.

I. Hennog has recently launched an innovative online diamond tender platform. This provides a completely secure closed bidding system, and is geared towards providing our clients with a user-friendly and accessible environment for managing both sales and buys, thereby providing tender participants with a cutting edge experience that produces fast and measurable results.

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