Fusion Alternatives announced today that it has appointed David Kuchler as the new Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Alternatives and of the joint Diamond Tender business, managed and operated by Fusion Alternatives in cooperation with I. Hennig & Co.

In this role, David Kuchler will assume overall responsibility for Fusion Alternatives and its various business divisions. This appointment will further enhance the executive team’s recognized professionalism, experience and expertise, enabling Fusion Alternatives to achieve its stated goals and objectives. Fusion Alternatives is confident that under David’s leadership, Fusion Alternatives will continue its exponential growth and further expand its business activities.

Fusion Alternatives would like to thank Adam Schulman for his role as CEO over the last few years and wish him well in his future endeavors.

About David Kuchler:

David Kuchler has over 25 years’ experience in the Diamond industry and a vast understanding of Rough and Polished Diamonds as well as of Diamond Jewelry. For the last 9 years, David has been working for EZ Diamonds, one of the leading family-owned diamond manufacturing companies and a De Beers Sightholder. He was promoted to CEO in 2011. David started his career as a Rough diamond buyer and then as a salesman of Rough and Polished diamonds. He subsequently moved into executive management, where he oversaw all aspects of the company from finance to purchasing of Rough, manufacturing processes, sorting standardization, sales and logistics.

About Fusion Alternatives:

Fusion Alternatives provides consulting, trading, strategic and marketing services to the global diamond industry. Fusion Alternatives focuses on the development and management of innovative and strategic products and services, helping clients to add sustainable value to their businesses.

About I. Hennig & Co.:

With 120 years of service to the diamond industry, I. Hennig & Co. Ltd. is the largest global diamond broker and consultant, with personnel and offices in all the major diamond centers.


For more information, please contact Fusion Alternatives at +44 20 7183 0244 or by e-mail