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Fusion & I. Hennig to hold large single stone rough tender in NY

Fusion Alternatives is pleased to announce the hosting of its inaugural Large Rough Diamond Single Stone Tender in New York. The tender is being held in cooperation with I. Hennig & Co. and is taking place in New York July 13-15. The Tender will offer an exciting selection of original +10 carat Single Stones. The tender will comprise approximately 85 Rough Single Stones of predominantly Southern Africa origin. All the stones are gem quality ranging in size from 10.80 carats to 68 carats and will be offered individually at the Tender.

Due to the strong interest in the tender, viewing appointments are limited. To request an appointment please email

Commenting on the upcoming Fusion Tender in New York, Fusion Alternatives’ CEO, David Kuchler stated “we are excited to continue to offer relevant rough diamonds at Tender in New York. Our ability to enable our global clients to view relevant goods in their home market is certainly one of our differentiating factors and we look forward to continue to work with the New York market into the future.”

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Fusion Alternatives Fusion Alternatives is the leading specialist in operating international Diamond Tenders. Fusion Tenders are renown within the global diamond market for its professional and transparent diamond tenders offering its international clients with the full range of diamond tendering and value-added services.

I Hennig & Co. Ltd the distinguished international diamond brokerage firm, is renowned for offering brokering, consultancy and the widest range of relevant services to all components of the diamond industry pipeline. Established in 1890, with a strong focus on brokerage between its clients (the world’s leading diamantaires) and the De Beers Family of Companies, Hennig, and its network of group companies also provides a suite of services to the industry. These include, amongst others, solutions for rough diamond procurement from primary and secondary sources; outsourcing diamond polishing and factory management; marketing and sale of rough and polished diamonds, upstream and downstream integration consultancy and diamond investment tools.