Fusion/Hennig to tender Exceptional 128ct Yellow Rough Stone

Fusion/Hennig Tenders is proud to announce that it will be tendering the Superkolong Exceptional Large Fancy Yellow diamond recently recovered by Batla Minerals SA from their Superkolong diamond tailings plant located in Kimberley, South Africa.

This rare fancy yellow diamond is a 128.18 carat stone with exceptional gemological characteristics being a perfect clean octahedron sawable rough diamond. The diamond will be tendered by Fusion/Hennig Tenders in November and early December. The Exceptional Large Fancy Yellow Diamond will be available for viewing in at the following locations and dates:

USA – New York: 10-13 November 2015
Israel – Ramat Gan: 15-18 November 2015
Belgium – Antwerp: 23 November – 2 December 2015

For more information and to arrange a viewing, please email rough@fusionalternatives.com

Batla Minerals SA’s CEO, Jean Retief commented, ”Superkolong remains an important project for the Batla group and we are very proud of the progress made over the past two and a half years of ownership. The recent discovery of the Exceptional Large Fancy Yellow Diamond provides yet another validation of the project’s viability and its ability to produce stellar stones.” Echoing these sentiments Fusion Alternatives’ CEO, David Kuchler noted “we are excited to once again manage and host the upcoming Superkolong Special Stone Tender. This is a truly magnificent and rare stone and we are privileged to be given the opportunity to market this stone on behalf of Superkolong to the world’s leading diamantaires.”