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ODC Sales Achieve Record Revenues with Antwerp Viewings


15/12/2021 12:30

Okavango Diamond Company (ODC), the state-owned rough diamond marketing company entitled to sell a portion of the country’s rough resources outside of the De Beers joint venture, has announced a record-breaking revenue for the first eight months of the year through its sales via Antwerp, amounting to US$830m, a whopping 484% increase compared to the US$181m achieved in 2020 and well beyond the average of US$500min a regular year.

A strong rough market, and “informed decisions on how, when and what to sell” proved very conducive for the impressive sales figures so far, considering four months still have to taken into account for a full result, ODC’s Managing Director Mmetla Masire coommented. In the past year, ODC has held tender viewings in Antwerp on a regular basis.

Source:    The Diamond Loupe